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Veranda Color Logo

About Veranda Color

What is Veranda Color?

Veranda Color is an open platform created by two friends.

The idea is a web platform where you can easily discover or create your own color palette.

We set ourselves to create one place where you can find good palettes, create them palettes, and learn more about color and its meaning.

Sometimes it's hard to find inspiration for a good color scheme or you just don't have time to experiment. To facilitate this process, we have created Veranda Color and we share it with you!

Feel free to use color palettes you find here in your projects. If you want, you can recommend our site or pass it on to your friends and colleagues, so we have more color palettes to display. We are always glad to hear from you. Our project has just been released and is now in beta.

At the moment, you can be inspired by existing palettes or even create your own! We are currently working on other useful features to make our platform even more straightforward and easy!

The Team

Andrii Liakh


Olyana Tkachenko


Why Veranda Color?

This is an easy platform to use. So far, you can find existing palettes created by other users or create an unsurpassed palette that you need. It will also be easy for you not to lose the palette you created and posted, as palettes will be stored in your "room".

You no longer need to download the palette image to use for your project. You can do it easily by copying an SVG and pasting it into your favorite design tool (Sketch, Figma, AdobeXD, etc.). You can also easily share your own palette with friends by clicking the Copy Link button.

Who can use Veranda Color?

Color palettes with Veranda Color can be used anywhere and by anyone! You can be a graphic designer, web designer, product designer, mobile designer, illustrator, or fashion designer. No matter your field of activity, you can still use Veranda Color. You can find or create any palette for your project on Veranda Color, regardless of your requirements!