25 Color Palette Tools for Web Designers and Developers

Tips Mar 16, 2021

Choosing colors is one of the biggest problems for designers. Colors can draw attention to importance or force the user to perform the desired action.

The color scheme of the website helps to form its identity. The colors you choose for your projects have a great influence on the whole design and attitude towards the product as a whole.

Each designer uses a diverse set of tools. So, to make things easier, we've put together the best color tools for web designers.

In our article, you will find the 25 best color palette generators for designers. Use them to create the perfect color combinations!

  1. Veranda Color

An extensive collection of color palettes, generated by users themselves! Find what others make, generate and post your own. You can share the created palette with friends or colleagues. There is also an option to copy SVG and paste it into Figma or Sketch. Palettes can be sorted as you see fit.

Veranda Color

2. Coolors

Coolors is a fast color scheme generator with a lot of useful features. Here you can find an amazing color palette or generator.

You can generate your photo palette or create a collage of photo and palette. There is also an opportunity to get useful color information like conversion, combinations, blindness simulation.


3. Flat UI Colors

More than 13 color palettes from 13 Countries.

Collected based on different countries’ preferences. You can simply copy and paste color.

4. Colordot

Colordot is a very simple free online color picker. You can easily add or remove the unnecessary color from the palette.

5. Colourco

It is a free tool similar Colordot but has more useful options. You can find different categories for the palette: analogic, triad, quad, monochrome, etc. You can also download color palette, add or minus color in your palette, and find different conversion colors like RGB, HSL, HSV, CMYK.

6. Adobe Color

Adobe Color CC, previously called “Adobe Kuler”. This is an official Adobe tool to help you generate a color palette.

7. HTML Color Codes

A simple color piker where you can see at once conversion colors. Download  current palette with HEX, RGB, HTML, CSS and SCSS. Also, you can get useful color combination suggestions.

8. Colormind

Here you can easily generate your beautiful color palette, with a simple to use generator.

9. Color Hunt

An easy web platform with a lot of beautiful color palettes. You can sort palettes and like your favorite ones. When you needed another color pallet you can easily generate, though a generator is not as good as on some other websites. This platform also has a Chrome extension.

10. Material Design Palette

This color generator is a little different. When you press on two colors you can immediately see how they will look like in material design. Also, you can download it in many formats.

11. Paletton

Here you can choose one main color for the layout, and then it displays various similar tones in small boxes that match your chosen color. Also, you can create various color combinations like Triad (3-colors), Monochromatic (1-color), etc.

12. Color Combos

A simple color generator. Here you can add or remove squares with color, show text on color, and get the link with a color palette.

13. Mudcube

Color palette generator with large sliders.

14. Degraeve

A simple tool that pastes the URL of an image online, and then it creates a color palette.

15. Colllor

Colllor generates a palette only from the color you choose in the color picker. Here you can find info about colors like shades/tints, tones, similar.

16. LOL Colors

A website with wonderful color palettes.

17. PaletteGenerator

A simple color generator from images. You can choose how many dominant colors you need.

18. HueSnap

The color generator from images or the color picker. Here show HEX and RGB color. Easy make a big color palette.

19. 147 Colors

A wonderful tool where you can find a lot of various colors!


Color palette generator from a color picker or a photo.

21. ColorExplorer

Color palette generator from a color picker or a photo. It has a lot of small features.

22. Canva Color Tool

Here you can find everything you need to know about colors, wonderful color palettes, a color wheel, or generate a color palette from an image.

23. Eggradients

That's a simple online platform with a gradient background collection . An easy gradient generator. You can sort by color and copy the CSS gradient background.

24. Color Spire

Color palette generator with a color picker.

25. HTML Color Picker

It is a very simple color picker tool. Here you can find a useful tool with light and dark inscriptions on the chosen color that show you how it would look like. Also, find saturation, lightness, ets.