40 Original Color Palette Ideas for Your Website!

Tips Feb 05, 2021

The colors on your website are the first thing that catch the user's attention. No surprise, color is the basis of a marketing tool. The color can intrigue, set the mood or provoke. Sometimes - influence the decision to buy more, sometimes - boost the pressing of a button. Color creates trust or unbelief in your site.

It is important, when choosing a color, to understand the emotions that a particular color evokes in users. The most accurate way to determine which color  adorns your site best is real world testing. You can read more about the meaning of colors in our blog.

The selection of colors for your site depends on your target audience, business and corporate colors of the company. Your user's age and gender should also be analyzed when choosing a site color.

So that your site does not look monotonous, you should follow certain design rights.

Fow a website, you need to choose:

  • The base color highlighting the main content.
  • A secondary color to highlight secondary information
  • A background color, if required
  • An accent color to draw attention to something, accentuate information

Color connects the hidden communication of a message to your viewers. Colors can install in the subconscious philosophy of the brand and form an attitude to it. Read on to find 40 color palettes for different industries to help you visualize your website palette.

  1. Muted Style
Muted Style
Muted Style

2. Bright Red Color

Bright red color

3. Violet and Green

Violet and Green

4. Fresh Breakfast

Fresh Breakfast

5. Swamp Green

Swamp Green

6. Outdoor Yoga

Outdoor Yoga

7. Aroma Spa

Aroma Spa

8. Contrasting Citrus

Contrasting Citrus

9. Fresh Foods

Fresh Foods

10. Honey Plum

Honey Plum

11. Fresh Salad

Fresh Salad

12. Day Off

Day off

13. Warm Morning

Warm Morning

14. Fragile and Strong

Fragile and Strong

15. Bright Day

Bright day

16. Matchless Fashion

Matchless Fashion

17. Peace of Mind

Peace of mind

18. Sprightly Morning

Sprightly Morning

19. Sweet Day

Sweet day

20. Bright Grass

Bright grass

21. Retro Mood

Retro Mood

22. Bright Speed

Bright speed

23. Sea Freshness

Sea freshness

24. Festive Red

Festive red

25. Sabbatical Time

Sabbatical Time

26. Cute Morn

Cute Morn

27. Crazy Сoolness

Crazy Сoolness

28. Sweet Place

Sweet Place

29. Quiet Loneliness

Quiet Loneliness

30. City Speed

City Speed

31. Bright Details

Bright Details

32. Dusty Sea

Dusty Sea

33. Good Morning Freedom

Good Morning Freedom

34. Shining Chill

Shining Chill

35. Moment of Mystery

Moment of mystery

36. Shaggy Friend

Shaggy Friend

37. Unique Flash

Unique Flash

38. Craft Tools

Craft Tools

39. Times of Recreation

Times of recreation

40. Happiest Day

Happiest Day

Don't complicate color, it rarely works. Four colors are more than enough. Take into account your niche and target audience portrait, remember the results of research and testing, but always experiment - it will help you find the best corporate colors, increase conversion and customer loyalty. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment.