Design trends to try in 2021!

Tips Mar 23, 2021

In the design world, everything is changing quickly and what was trendy a few months ago may not be great to be used now.

Today, I want to tell you a little about the design trends of 2021, what you should look at to and what tools to use.

TREND №1 Minimalism and simplicity
Studio Sowieso 
Sara Estragués 
Julius Guevarra

This trend has existed for a couple of years and this year it also remains with us. Everything is simplified, made clearer, and more user-friendly. Large companies simplify logos, create a design that does not attract attention, make it unobtrusive and simple.

TREND №2 3D icons and illustrations
Egor Mironov
Algirdas Jasaitis

This is a relatively new trend that is in its infancy and has not yet been fully formulated. I think this is due to the ease of creation, as there are now many different plugins that can do it easily and sometimes for free.

TREND №3 Glass effect, Glassmorphism
Rakesh Sharma
Akbar Khan
Robiul Islam

A new trend in design which everyone is a fan of at the moment. I don't think this designtrend  will last long, but it looks very fresh right now. Glass effect - This is the effect of frosted glass with a blurred background. Now, this technique can be seen used for interface elements, illustrations,  photos.

TREND №4 Shadows and gradients
Tatiana Montero
Alyona Drozd

Yes, the trend with shadows and gradients was thare before, but it remains popular to this day. The only thing that is changing now is that it is simplified, made lighter, fuller, and simpler.

TREND №5 2D illustration of unnatural people
yujin Won
Anastasiya Zabolotnaya
Denny_ Saurio

This is also nothing new, but it remains trendy this year. Users like the characters drawn this way. 2D illustrations evoke pleasant emotions in the user and help companies to create a unique corporate identity.

TREND №6 Animations and Interactions
Adriano Di Mauro
Deividas Bielskis
Deividas Bielskis

This trend began to manifest itself a couple of years ago. Many customers now want to see an animated logo, the first page of the site, icons, or an animated font. It adds movement, drive design, and user interaction. This was also facilitated by the large number of tools that simplified this work.

TREND №7 90’s Experience
Jackie Lay

This is a trend of today which is caused by the nostalgia of the millenial generation. The trend is full of freedom and extreme creativity. This is a bright, emotional style that will suit companies that want to express themselves and show that they are ready to experiment.

TREND №8 Distortion, Glitch, Noise
Nebojsa Matkovic
Creative Charles

Using this trend you will add rebellion, chaos, and atmosphere to your design.

TREND №9 Pastel colors
Elina Kobylianska
Mohammed Mounir
molistudio ™

At a time when minimalism and simple design became popular, pastel colors also became a trend. They do not overload the design and maintain a light and pleasant atmosphere.

TREND №10 Fonts
Taras Migulko
Dima Tischenko

Bold, voluminous, distorted fonts in the headlines have become a new trend. The font in the title should attract attention, but the main font of the site should be concise.