Everything you need to know about the Purple Color!

Colors Mar 22, 2021

Purple is one of the most charming but difficult colors.

Purple combines blue and red. Purple is often associated with royalty, luxury, energy, creativity, erudition, magic.

In the last century, the purple color was characteristic of the aristocracy.
Purple started becoming popular in the 20th century.

Vivid Violet Color Palette

The shade is also associated with mysticism or mystery. Suitable for esoteric shops or sites selling exclusive.

Not everyone likes violet.

Seance Color Palette

Purple color is good for accent and highlights the importance.

It is well suited for online stores with perfumes and cosmetics, jewelry, and the elite segment. Also, bright purple is used to advertise children's products.

You should be careful with this color: mysticism, and luxury don't evoke positive emotions in all people, and can sometimes provoke fear.