Everything you need to know about the color Dusty Rose!

Colors Dec 18, 2020

Today, I created some excellent color palettes you can use for free in your project. Also, I'll tell you a little about this beautiful color – Dusty Rose.

The dusty rose color lies between pinkish and warm violet tones.

Dusty Rose is thought to have a calming result.

This is color represents harmony and delicacy. Dusty Rose will be good for various romantic projects.

Dusty Rose is an elegant, soft, sweet, calm, and charming.

This color excellently combines with warm blue tones and green. Y'all should use Dusty Rose with gray and warm tones.

This color can confuse you and you will think that it is an old or boring color. But don't be mistaken, it's an incredible color that goes well with a multitude of other colors. Rest assured, this color will not disappoint you no matter the application.

Color conversion:

Scheme Value
Hex #DCAE96
RGB 220, 174, 150
CMYK 0, 21, 32, 14