Everything you need to know about the Midnight blue color!

Colors Feb 03, 2021

All colors are subjective things! It doesn't matter if we are talking about web design, or interior design, or any other kind of art. What one will like, someone else may not. There are many reasons for this. It can be related to religious, cultural, or possibly personal animosity. But if you change only the shade, the color will cause completely different emotions!

Midnight blue color - #1D1D4B
Midnight blue color - #1D1D4B

Today I want to talk about an incredibly deep color - “Midnight blue” - #1D1D4B

This color is considered the darkest shade of this color palette. Sometimes this color can be called black because it is incredibly dark. This color is even darker than the "Dark Blue" color.

Midnight blue is perfect for corporate sites or for other cases when you want to reflect the strength and reliability of the design. This color helps to focus on the essentials: do not focus on the little points. Most people associate Midnight Blue  with infinity, eternity, truth, remoteness, faith, and diplomacy.

Many designers love to combine this color with red. Being honest it's also one of my favorite color combinations in design. I also often use this technique in my designs. If the main color is red and an icon is blue - users will experience a more kind of aggressive emotion. If the main color is blue, and the icon is red, it is calming and a little exciting!

Combining Midnight Blue color with many other bright shades is a good option for your branding. Use brightly decorated postcards, posters, and more.

Midnight blue color - #1D1D4B

Midnight blue color successfully replaces black. Against its background, the elements stand out well.

This color is an easy connection with other shades of blue. Midnight Blue color are used by brands, the foundation of whose image are product quality and high status.

Don't be afraid to experiment with colors!