Everything you need to know about the Scallop Seashell Color!

Mar 26, 2021

Scallop Seashell Color, a color close to Pastel Pink, is reminiscent of the sea, coral, and carefree vacation. This color is multifaceted because it comes from several colors.

Scallop Seashell Color
Scallop Seashell Color - #F7D6D0 

Comfort, softness, and peace are guaranteed with this color. Scallop Seashell Color Radiates warmth, full of life, sweet and summer color.

Scallop Seashell Color is an incredibly delicate color that will go well with beige, cream, dark green, blue or turquoise, olive, aquamarine. The brightest contrast will be created with black.

Scallop Seashell Color
Scallop Seashell Color

Scallop Seashell can be the basis or an accent for some design details. Its shades will set you up for relaxation, and bolder combinations will add positivity.

Scallop Seashell Color
Scallop Seashell Color

Despite its tenderness and elegance, care should be taken with it, as its excess can put pressure on the user, causing discomfort and can be intrusive.

Color conversion:

Scheme Value
Hex #f7d6d0
RGB 247, 214, 208
CMYK 0, 13, 16, 3