Tips to Create a Great Yoga Poster (or any other poster)!

Tips Dec 22, 2020
Stand out like you want!

Today, I have prepared tips and resources that you can use to create your incredible poster for the Yoga Day. A lot of people heard of this activity but never tried yoga. Maybe, your poster will inspire someone to start practicing yoga.

Nowadays, you don't have to hire an expensive graphic designer or work with the digital studio. You can do it yourself if you have a limited budget or want to do it swiftly.

These days, we have a lot of resources that you can use for your project.
Many of them are free!

General rules for creating a poster:

  1. Catch a look at the existing Yoga Day posters, get inspired with an idea.
  2. Identify the audience. Who are you doing it for? Is it for people who are already practising yoga, or do you want to encourage new people to practice yoga?
  3. Choose where you will put the poster. Will it be social networks or possibly some public place. If it is a "real" printed poster, you should also think about where you'll print it.
  4. Select the coveted poster size.
  5. Choose bright photos associated with yoga and think about what information you want to put on the poster. If your goal is to promote people to practice, it will be great if you tell about yoga, benefits, why people do it.
  6. Choose a font. Remember to check the license!
  7. Create a sketch. A pen and paper one! Sketch the way you want to see your yoga poster, what objects you will be using, it helps you to create a finished product more easily!
  8. Choose in which graphic editor you will design your poster for the Day of Yoga. Maybe, you can draw well for the Yoga Day with pen and paper only!
    Scroll below to see some resources that can make your life easier.
  9. Get to design!
I made this quick poster with Canva

Useful resources:

  • Pinterest - here you can see what already exists, get inspired, find ideas for your poster.
  • Canva - a resource where you can create a poster design incredibly easy. You do not need to install graphic editors on your computer and spend time understanding them. There is a built-in editor, where you can easily find everything you need. There are also ready-made templates, photos, fonts. They make it super easy to change anything you want.
  • Unsplash - you can find many free stock photos here.
  • Pexels - lots of free stock photos.
  • Google Fonts - a place where you will find many free fonts for your projects.
  • Shutterstock - a large stock image website with photos and graphics. There you can both buy a ready-made poster or buy some elements to create it yourself if you use a graphic editor.

I believe that my tips will help you create an incredible poster for the Yoga Day (or any other day, for that matte). It will conquer more than one heart!